Structured Wiring
Is your home wired for the future?

We can prepare your home for this digital world we are moving toward. You might want to think about Structured Wiring when building your new home. Instead of installing regular telephone and cable you might want to wire your new home with something called TecWire. This wire is actually four high performance cables bundled together providing the flexibility to support multiple phone lines, high-speed internet access, digital cable, and satellite all at one location. This application provides us with a digital solution that will terminate all wiring in one box.

Most importantly, we know that your needs will change over the next few years and we know technology is going to change. Building a house that has the ability to change with your lifestyle is very important to us.

2x2 XPort - 2 Cat5e & 2 Coax ports provide the network interface for Telephones, Computers, Cable TV and Satellite
TV & Satellite Telephone & High Speed Internet
Panasonic BOSE NILES GE Security JBL
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